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Welcome to, one of the Internet's largest wine lovers destinations. offers advertisers a powerful environment for positioning their marketing message to general wine lovers, wine enthusiasts, and professionals in the wine industry. creates customized advertising programs tailored to our clients' strategies and objectives. Ultimately, is one of the most effective ways in which marketers reach the wine industry today. Wine is one of the most requested terms on Internet search engines. Wine lovers worldwide are turning to the Web to locate and purchase wine and accessories. Wine Businesses seeking to market 'beyond the front door' should include a professional Web presence in marketing strategies and aggressive site promotion in advertising budgets. WineMetro offers an unparalleled opportunity for mid-level to corporate wine businesses to obtain and maintain optimum exposure to millions of target customers worldwide looking to purchase wine and accessories, with professional turn-key web solution packages for businesses without a Web presence and premium advertising opportunities for those with existing sites.

Reach your Target Markets on WineMetro!

Why Advertise on the Internet?

To succeed on the Internet, marketers need to provide relevant and personalised content to attract traffic and encourage repeat visits to their site, making it as 'sticky' as possible.

Effectively done, the Internet can provide returns in one or more of seven areas:

1) Direct Marketing: Online databases, coupled with email and action-oriented campaigns make the Internet a powerful direct marketing tool. The ability to understand, reach and reward users enables the Internet to deliver high quality leads without the costs normally associated with direct mail marketing.

2) Customer Service: Customer service is the underlying differentiator for many firms. The Internet provides the ability to listen to and communicate with consumers instantly and at low cost. Firms can use the Internet to enhance customer service in one of three ways: feedback: email reduces response times, costs and improves image; loyalty programs: rewards users resulting in longer-term relationships; service and post-purchase: maintains open communication channels once again at a low cost.

3) Brand Building: The Internet plays an important and cost-effective role in building brand awareness among consumers. Unlike other media that expect little involvement from the consumer beyond passive attention, the Internet enables users to interact and build a relationship with the brand. Companies that value the interactivity of the Internet in their campaigns will win over competitors that don't, both in terms of brand development and sales.

4) Online Sales: E-commerce is a rapidly growing market. The development and acceptance of secure payment technologies has enabled firms to broaden the payment options offered to consumers to the Internet, encouraging online sales through building consumer trust over security issues.

5) Market Research: Visitors to websites automatically provide information about their interests as they visit and navigate through the site. When this information is captured in a database and viewed in aggregation, a consumer profile is then created and stored. The Web also provides the opportunity to survey users effectively at low cost.

6) Competitions: It's a simple fact that people love to win. has had great results running online competitions for clients as well as its own brands. Online competitions can be built around online voting poles, email responses.

7) Cross Promotion Opportunities: The Internet allows advertisers to integrate their marketing and communication strategy like no other medium. Online promotion spending currently lags behind online ad expenditures. The tables will turn, however, as promotions exceed expectations by providing relevant offers, immediate participation, reasonable value, and low participation effort.

Why WineMetro?

WineMetro is Wine Business Specific, the only major wine site which specializes in bringing together wine businesses and wine lovers looking to purchase their products and services. We advertise regularly in major wine and news media to drive traffic to our site and the sites of our advertisers.

Our experience in wine and the business of wine, graphic design, Internet technology and marketing, as well as our commitment to offering ever-improving and expanded services assures that your business will receive optimum exposure to your target market.

WineMetro offers Complete Web Solutions for wine businesses, from targeted advertising opportunities to professional web site design to state-of-the-art host services and discount hosting and promotion packages.

Why Advertise on

There are a number of opportunities for advertisers at, tailored to suit client needs.

The following opportunities can be packaged or bought as individual modules:

Banner ads: standard form of advertising usually placed at the top of the frame within the Web page.

(468 x 60)

Tile banner ads: smaller version of a banner, offers a rectangular area to the right hand gutter of the frame.

(125 x 125)

* We offer Banner Design Service from $150.

Sponsorship: weekly polls will be sponsored.

Fundraising/charity: 10% of all banner advertising revenue will be donated back into the wine industry i.e. college scholarships, universities and research institutions. This serving as's own contribution to maintaining the future growth of the wine industry.

Join The Vine Arcade (coming soon)

If you have a web site featuring wine or wine-related products for sale and would like to reach a wider audience of wine lovers, you can add your store to's Vine Arcade. We will display your logo, a brief description (up to 50 words) and link to your homepage.

Quarterly Fee Plan $300.00 (3 month minimum)
Annual Fee Plan $1000.00

Advertising Rates

Banner ads: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high (12K max)

CPM Rate $50

Tile banner ads: 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high (5K max)

CPM Rate $25

All rates are subject to change without notice.

How do I Place a Banner ad

Following information must be submitted in order to place your advertisement.

Banner URL (location)
Link URL
Alt text (no more than 10 words)
Name of company,
Start/end dates for the banner
Payment Information

* Email for further details on

Tips For Creating An Effective Banner

We suggest that you have your banner ad professionally created. offers this service for a minimal charge ($150 and up, you get to keep the banner for use elsewhere). If you create your banner yourself or choose to have your banner created by a professional graphic artist, we would like to offer some tips that we have found would increase their effectiveness:

  •'s standard banner ad size is 468x60 pixels. Create your banner ad to be exactly 468x60 pixels. If you take an image that is smaller or larger than this and try to make it fit these specs, it may not appear the same.
  • Use as few words on the ad as possible. Keep it concise, simple, strong, and to the point.
  • Text In Upper And Lower Case Such As The Text In This Sentence Is Easier To Read. YOU SHOULDN'T USE ALL CAPS. IT MAKES THE BANNER TOO LOUD.
  • Get the visitor's attention by stating an immediate benefit, like "Win A Free T-Shirt!"
  • Tell them to click on the banner. Say something on the banner like "Click Here" and perhaps instruct them with an arrow or pointer.
  • Create a button or some type of click able image. Users of the Internet are used to clicking on buttons.
  • Keep the file size as small as possible. Less than 10 KB is optimum.
  • Put your company logo and/or tag line on your ad so people become familiar with it.
  • Include your domain name on the ad if it is easy to remember i.e. that way, they can always visit your site at a later time.
  • Add animation, it gets people's attention.
  • Create a sense of action, like "visit us immediately", which prompts people to do so.
  • Bright colours seem to work well. Red, white and black are less effective while yellow, blue and green do well.

    Advertiser's Dictionary

    Hits - a fuzzy term meaning number of files downloaded
    Raw hits - number of files downloaded, using a combination of graphic images and HTML pages. To be accurate we need to subtract the images, which may account for 5 out of 6 "raw hits".
    Page impressions or page views - Refers to the number of visitors who view a page or a banner ad on that page.
    CPM - Cost per thousand impressions or page views.
    Banner ad - an ad graphic, usually a GIF image, measured in pixels (On the size is 468 wide by 60 high, limited to 12 K)
    Click - When a visitor clicks his or her mouse on a banner ad, the visitor is automatically transported to the advertiser's Web page.
    Click rate - The percentage of visitors who click on a banner ad.
    Click through - The number of people who click on a banner ad and get to the advertiser's Web site.


    Terms and Conditions

  • reserves the right to refuse any advertising request, or to cancel advertising that does not fulfil the obligations set in the contract.
  • reserves the right to make editorial changes to the advertising program, including the placement of the ad on the page, and the frequency of ad banner changes for each advertiser.
  • All ads are subject to approval by
  • A contract must be in place before any advertising is placed on
  • All banners must be made available for pick up from your Web site or sent to us by email.
  • All ads must be prepaid in U.S. funds.
  • reserves the right to change rates at its discretion.

    Contact Us

    If you have any further questions, or you would like further information click here to be taken to our Contact Form.