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Dear Friends,

I am pleased to present to you, a virtual community designed specifically for the demands, desires and needs of Wine Lovers through out the world.

After an extended period of development we have created a portal for the wine community. Not only do we have features for every member of our local and extended family, we have made it possible to allow our members to shape this site to their individual requirements, and needs.

WineMetro is a portal that combines many of the resources available on the web into one great site. We offer features such as Free Email, Forums, Clubs, Classifieds, Newsletters, Search Engine, Photo Gallery, E-Cards, and many more.

Look around, ask questions and take advantage of this unique opportunity to get out of the “World Wide Web Maze” and into a familiar neighborhood.

It may seem daunting at first, but as you use, and help shape it, you will find just how useful WineMetro can be. Tell us what features you would like to see and let us know the things you do not like. This is your community. If there is a problem we will address it.

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